Monday, July 4, 2011

Never a Dull Moment!

Happy Independence Day!!  Over the weekend I attended the NRHA Derby in Oklahoma City, OK, as a spectator, but with a sense of voyeurism, as I knew that I would blog about it.  I wanted to see with a journalistic objectivity, and try to convey what it was like to be there.  I was able to attend the NRHA Awards and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies, watch the warm up pen, walk through the stalls, and had a front row seat for the Finals.  You will see me writing about these experiences a lot in the coming weeks, because it is endlessly inspiring to see a sport operating at that level.  Good and bad, stunningly beautiful and plain ugly, I got to see a lot, and I will be sharing what I saw with you.

One thing is for sure, as I unpack, unwind, and try to get back into 'normal' life, I will miss the great people that I met over the weekend.  It was wonderful to talk, laugh and joke about silly horses' antics, mourn the loss of a good one we had, swap stories and histories, and makes some toasts.  I am sure I have made some friends for life! 

As they say, it is nice to get away, but it is nice to come home.  So I am going to keep this short, and go spend time with my family.  Enjoy your day - enjoy your freedom!


  1. I await your wisdom Shannon! I know we can rely on you to tell it like it is - good and bad - with a proper sense of prespective.

  2. Thank you, Judy! I will do my best, as always, to bring reality, and rationality, to my readers!