Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Always Learning

Good morning!!  Had a big powwow with a very tech savvy friend last night, who has taken me under her wing in helping me improve my blog.  You will be seeing lots of changes here soon, and I invite your feedback, ideas and insights.  I am not a natural computer tech; I grew up without them, had to use them very little to graduate from college - yeah, I used a typewriter - and at this point, feel pretty proud of myself when I can successfully upload pictures!  But my friend has opened my eyes to the power that this medium has in distributing ideas, and I am more than willing to evolve and learn in order to maximize the potential I have in adding my voice. I owe it to the horses, and horse people, that I care about.

I am always in awe when the right person shows up in my life at the right time to teach me something.  My techie friend walked in to my life at exactly the right moment, not just because she can help me with my blog, but also because she is inspiring, strong, smart, and has a life that is similar to mine in many ways.  I relate to her, and am willing to let her lead me in a new direction, to do something I have never done, nor felt that I could do - definitely outside my comfort zone.  This has happened to me before, and I have been told that I have been that person for other people, but no matter how many times it happens, I am always thankful, but slightly shocked and amused when serendipity/the universe/God brings me the exact right thing at the exact right moment.  Even things that are negative can lead us to great things, new friends, and open doors.  Recent events in my life and in the reining world have shown me that you can find incredible support and wonderful, dear friends in the midst of a hurricane.  I shouldn't be surprised - as my friend said last night, "That's how it is supposed to be!"  but then again, I still have a lot to learn in life.  I hope I am always trying to learn something new, pushing my comfort zone outward every chance I get.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!